Planning The Next Company Party? Here’s How You Can Make It Unforgettable

The holiday season is right around the corner and you’re already probably brainstorming how to top last year’s party. Holiday parties are a great way to bring everyone together, show appreciation, celebrate the year’s successes and toast to an even better new year. Nonetheless, organizing a great party requires planning ahead and thoughtful coordination. So, if you’re in charge of planning the next company holiday party at your workplace, here’s what you should know to make sure that all your guests have a great time and enjoy themselves:

The budget

All the hours spent racking your brains for creative and inspiring ideas for the event would be in vain if you don’t have the budget to bring them to life. Therefore, it’s always smarter to know how much you can spend on the event before you plan the details, this way you’ll be saving yourself a lot of time otherwise spent on unnecessary details. When planning your budget, you should give priority to items such as the cost of renting the venue, food, beverages, entertainment, and gifts. If you’re working with a limited budget, you can try to negotiate with your boss on why you might need a higher budget, or you can even invite a sponsor to help finance the event. This would allow sponsors to meet and network with potential clients, employees and other agents present at the event.

The venue and a caterer

You can save money on the venue if your facility is capable of accommodating all invited guests and use that money on entertainment or gifts. If not, most commonly picked venues include restaurants, banquet halls or hotels. You can rent a venue that offers food and beverages which removes the need for you to hire caterers. If it doesn’t, hire a caterer that fits the theme of the event. You should always be considerate of allergies and different dietary preferences when picking out the menu. You can also get the services of a cocktail bartender hire Sydney to serve drinks at the party. If you’re worried about the level of alcohol consumption at the party, you can issue drink tickets per person to limit consumption.


Knowing the demographics of your guests will allow you to figure out what kind of entertainment you need to provide. For example, if children would be accompanying their parents, you will have to arrange a few activities to keep them engaged and allow their parents to enjoy the party without worrying about the children. Therefore, you should always remember to include a variety of activities that will meet the divergent interests of the guests to keep them engaged and give them a memorable experience. What is a holiday party without a gift? You can give a holiday gift, in the form of a gift card or cash, to all employees as a token of appreciation. You can also bring in a live band or a magician to make the event more entertaining.